Galerija Sanjaj Logo

Sanjaj Gallery is located in the very center of Belgrade, in the immediate vicinity of the Republic Square, the National Museum and the National Theatre. Its primary task is to discover young and talented artists, and create conditions for their full affirmation. In addition to the focus of the Sanjaj Gallery on contemporary art and multimedia programs, it is also a space for exhibiting the works of those artists who are already part of the cultural heritage, and whose works adorn the museum premises. As part of its program, Sanjaj Gallery also organizes exhibitions of our painters who live abroad. It also hosts educational programs for the general public and students of art schools. In its practice, Sanjaj Gallery also presents guest exhibitions in other cities and countries. Its mission is to connect artists, art historians, art lovers and collectors. The founders of Sanjaj Gallery are Sanja Bjelanović Janković, architect, set designer and designer, and Nenad Janković (Dr. Nele Karajlić), multimedia artist. Welcome to Sanjaj Gallery.